5 Reasons why you need a Change Manager

Thursday May 18th, 2017 in In the News, Ampersand Latest, Ampersand Insights

Actually there are hundreds of reasons you need a change manager but we don’t have all day so I have narrowed it down for you:


1 – Digital all the way baby 

So your CEO has decided Digital is the way to go!  But what does this mean for your entire organisation?

You should bring in a Change Consultant who will do an intensive evaluation and gap analysis of the preexisting conditions of change. They will then deliver a set of Findings and Recommendations which inform and frame the eventual change strategy. They design a bespoke change strategy. Change Plan and Sustainability Plan (to embed change with business as usual).  This “Change Success Review” enables you embed the desired customer-centric / collaboration mindset and behaviours into this new way of working.

PS: – Ampersand can provide a Digital Change Consultant to help you do this!


2 – Agile (little A or Big A) – OMG!

Let me just say that when I talk Agile to a business manager – I’m talking mindset.  So when a large financial organisation advises “we are going agile” I hold my breath…..and wait for it to fail.  Why? Not because i’m old and cynical (this is true), but because they think sending in Agile Coaches to run courses will embed the desired behaviours they are seeking. You initially need a Change Consultant who will work with the Sponsor (hopefully COO/CEO) on “what this actually means for us”.  It is a slow and long process guys not a magic wand and it’s so much more than a few training courses.

PPS: Ampersand can provide you a Senior Change Consultant to help you do this!


3 – Implementing a PMO

Even if your organisation is “too small for having dedicated Change Managers” having a Change Manager work closely with your Head of PMO (or PMO Manager) enables the practice to have the right foundations in place.  They can run a series of workshops with Project Managers on what change is, and then partner with them on projects – so they are able to see this in action.  Of course not all projects need a Change Manager, but when “you don’t know what you don’t know”, there will be risks you continually fail to recognise and therefore address.

PPPS: Ampersand can provide you a Change Consultant to help you do this!


4 – We are going to focus on being “customer centric” – really – have you not always been?Image result for customer centric

When you advise customers you are “customer-centric” I always laugh and think? But has the customer not always been at the forefront of your minds when you developed this project/service/offering?

Customers who are looking at customer journey mapping – require a Change Manager.  Someone who can partner with the Project Managers or business owners.  This is a relatively niche area for Change Managers but there are a few outstanding individuals around who have done this strategic work and developed plans and seen through to implementation.

PPPPS:  Well you get the idea!


5 – Transformational Programs – or any programs that you want to succeed

Where you want to increase the likelihood of project success – you need a Change Manager to work with your Program Manager – pre business case if possible.  Having an organisational change manager on board will ensure your initiatives deliver expected results and outcomes.  Yes they increase the likelihood of project success, through risk mitigation but before they get into any of the detail they will have that discussion up front about what your return on investment would be.  Yes ROI.  The majority of Project Managers (not all of you !) do not talk about the Return on Investment.  It is all “on time, under budget” as a sign of a successful project for them.  BUT, talk to a Change Manager, and it’s “why are we doing this? Is there a measurable benefit? How can we make this sustainable?”

Only 5 reasons to look at engaging a Change Manager from Ampersand, but wow they are a good 5 to start with don’t you think!

Tracey Petrie 

Principal : Project Services, Change & Transformation

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