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Thursday March 16th, 2017 in Miscellaneous, In the News, Ampersand Latest

 In 2016 Ampersand International realised its vision of becoming a truly international business . How was this achieved?  Well I’d like to say it wasn’t easy, but it was. With a key member of the Ampersand family moving back to her Irish roots, our leadership team seized the opportunity based on ensuring Ampersand’s leadership and customer DNA was protected by one of our own high performers returning home, together with the Irish market being the fastest growing economy in the EU, oh, the corporate tax rate helped! Ampersand Ireland was born. For me, I could not be more excited at what this meant for a business that thrives on connection beyond our usual Asia Pacific boarders and lives for meaningful engagement.

Push forward six months and a truly amazing outcome was set in motion.  Our founder Hayley James was sitting in Ireland with the Managing Director of our Irish business, Susie Farrell, and after a long day of networking, of course in true Irish fashion they finished the day at the pub.  Then in to meet Susie is a friend from Melbourne visiting her family – another Irish gem that now calls Australia home.  Dee is a bright and truly talented events and customer experience specialist, there to re-connect with family.  Of course fate had other plans for Dee and as I sat here in Melbourne, I was engaging with a client that was looking for exactly that talent.  I reached out to all our team across the globe to share my excitement to be working on such a high profile, rare, and truly exciting role with a high profile sporting and events organisation.  Quickly, Susie and Hayley make the connection (quite possibly over Guinness) and before you know it Dee is back in the country, in our office and showing that there was no one else in market that held a candle to this talented, vibrant and inspiring Irish gem.  Out the door and in to my clients office she went.  My client exhales knowing all her dreams have come true and Dee, returning from maternity leave, is offered her dream job.  A truly global process that started from a dream to be different and dedication that took that dream to the other side of the world and a deep connection was made.
The power of recruitment is more than filling a role, it’s the connections you make, the growth in leaders you meet and then follow their journeys and most importantly, when good people realise their dreams. So as we embark on 2017, I’m calling this the year of  ‘authentic connections’ – brands, people and opportunities. Let’s watch the magic happen.  Here’s to Dee, to Irish growth and to Ampersand’s commitment to international connectivity.

By Simon Norcott, Principal : Marketing 

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