“I’ve f**ked up, I’m starting again…and I’m really sorry for swearing.”

Tuesday February 14th, 2017 in In the News, Ampersand Latest

Said Adele at the 59th Grammy’s last night.

And here it is – a small but authentic lesson in being human. Whatever your trade – whether an international multi–award winning superstar or an average career professional doing your thing – it’s so important to remember the power of being human. We make mistakes – all of us. Your parents have, your teachers did, your first boss probably had their challenges and certainly your current CEO does, more than you may realise.

The important take-out is that smoke and mirrors simply don’t work. This mentality or behaviour lives on the hope that you won’t be found out rather being honest and real enough to admit to your mistakes, ask for help, work on them, develop your learning and re-set, regardless of your role in life or circumstances. If Adele, who cleaned up at the Grammy’s this year, can stop amidst a major tribute production being televised all over the world and in front of her industry peers…including Beyonce who she proclaimed as her life’s mentor, then we can all take a little tune out of her song book.

At work or socially, have you ever been so frozen with fear or anxiety that you’ve completely underperformed and under-delivered? If you haven’t, you’re one of the lucky ones…but if you’re completely honest there have been times, likely many, where you have doubted your decisions or actions. Because we’re all human and if we didn’t live life through error and learning, there would be no success or triumph. In fact, we’d be super-human.

So, good on you Adele – you’ve just reminded the world that to live through ego, an inauthentic promise of perfection or by faking it ’til you make it, simply causes more harm than good. It damages reputation and impacts trust. People respect honesty and more then ever, are endeared to people and leaders who operate with authenticity and humanity.

Time to get over ourselves and keep it real.

Here’s to starting again, refocusing and making mistakes in the pursuit of greatness.


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